An Ensemble Deep-Learning Approach to Predicting the "Theater of Activity" in a Microbiome.

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DeepToA is an ensemble deep-Learning approach to predicting the "Theater of Activity" in a Microbiome. Metagenomics is the study of microbiomes using DNA sequencing. A microbiome consists of an assemblage of microbes that is associated with a "theater of activity" (ToA). To what degree does the taxonomic and functional content of the former depend on the (details of the) latter? More technically, given a taxonomic and/or functional profile estimated from metagenomic sequencing data, how to predict the associated ToA?
The joint work, is mostly promoted by Wenhuan Zeng (University of Tübingen), Anupam Gautam (University of Tübingen & IMPRS-"From Molecules to Organisms", Max Planck Institute for Biology Tübingen), and Daniel H. Huson (University of Tübingen). We encourage all researcher around the world to contact us and to share your ideas on how to improve or extend our services.

1) An Ensemble Deep-Learning Approach to Predicting the Theater of Activity of a Microbiome. Wenhuan Zeng, Anupam Gautam, Daniel H. Huson. (Oxford) Bioinformatics, August 2022 (Link).
2) Preprint can be found here (Link).


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